Emma and Mathew

“I was quite out of it on the wedding day, nerves definitely got the best of me and I just didnt have my head screwed on but yes I was really happy with the ceremony. I liked that you made it very much what we were after. As neither of us are religious we were both more interested in the day being about a celebration.

I enjoyed the parts you added about our special things like the yum cha and I especially liked how you included how we had been doing it tough being apart from eachother, Im not sure people understand just how hard it is some days.

The weather was beyond anyones control but I think it was a good thing our ceremony was short so people could just get out of there!!

Everyone in my family commented on how they liked the concise ceremony, and Matt and I wouldnt have had it any other way.

All our guests said you were great, you bought a particular warmth to the ceremony (which was a hard task on that particular day) and just seemed to get us.

On behalf of Matt and myself, thankyou for the work you put into our wedding, it was the best day of our lives and we are both insanely happy at the moment being married. Matt being away and my scatterbrain-ness (i know thats not a word :P) made planning our ceremony a difficult task… forgive me, I had to get the wedding together in 6 weeks! But you made everything very easy for us and you were very accommodating.

I think you could tell we werent much for tradition and you tailored it to how we wanted it, not much fuss but still with our own special touches.

Thankyou again for helping make our day one we will remember forever as the best day of our lives.  Emma and Matt”

Emma and Matt's wedding at the Sandringham Rotunda

Emma and Matt, thank you both for letting me be part of your special day. The Sandringham rotunda was such a great location, even though it was super windy on the day! I really am happy you selected me as your wedding celebrant as I enjoyed writing your ceremony and working with you on such a short timeframe.