General Order of Ceremony

Your wedding ceremony can go for as little as 5 minutes to up to 45 minutes or so, depending on how much you want to include in your ceremony. It usually lasts between 20-30mins.  I will work with you to develop a custom ceremony.  That said, there is a suggested general structure for a wedding ceremonies as follows:

  1. Entry of Bridal party
  2. Welcoming by celebrant
  3. Giving away
  4. Introduction by the Celebrant
  5. Readings/Poems
  6. Monitum/Legal (This is a mandatory statement from the Marriage Act advising that I am registered to solemnize your marriage and also of the legal binding nature of the ceremony.)
  7. Declaration of intention to marry
  8. Vows
  9. Ring Exchange
  10. Announcement of marriage
  11. The wedding kiss
  12. Signing of the register

Apart from the monitum and vows everything else is optional.

I’d also love to discuss adding a wonderful special touch such as a:

  • Handfasting ceremony
  • Candle ceremony
  • Anointing of the rings
  • Blessing of the rings
  • Sand ceremony
  • Rose ceremony
  • Sharing of wine
  • Butterfly release
  • Dove release
  • Time capsule
  • Cultural rituals

If  you would like a more in depth description of the order of ceremony as well as some other great tips and tools for your wedding celebration please visit my download page.