An important component of the ceremony are the vows.  Section 45 of the Marriage Act states that:

“Where a marriage is solemnized by or in the presence of an authorized celebrant, not being a minister of religion, it is sufficient if each of the parties says to the other, in the presence of the authorized celebrant and the witnesses, the words:

“I call upon the persons here present to witness that I, A.B. (or C.D.), take thee, C.D. (or A.B.), to be my lawful wedded wife (or husband)”; or words to that effect.”

Luckily, “or words to that effect” gives me the right as a celebrant to adjust the language a little.  In the below examples I like to use:

“I ask everyone here today to witness that I (first_last_name) take you (first_last_name) as my lawful wedded husband/wife”

Of course, as long as something similar is used in the vows it will be okay. I’m happy to work with you on the best, and legal, way to say them.

Below are five examples of vows you could use or gain inspiration from.

The first is a traditional vow, followed a couple of short and simple vows that are quite effective, I’ve included a beautiful heartfelt vow and then one which was derived from a great exercise you should consider and that is writing a love letter to each other.

If you would like a great wedding checklist, tips on your ceremony and some additional samples of vows please click here.  If you make the decision to utilise my services as a registered marriage celebrant you will receive a complimentary booklet which has additional information on vows.

The Traditional Wedding Vow

I ask everyone here today to witness that I Alexander Petrovski take you Marianna Allan as my lawful wedded wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part, and thereto I give you my pledge.

The Simple Wedding Vow

I ask everyone here today to witness that I Alice Marie Flanders take you Joshua Thomas Franklin to be my lawful husband. I promise to respect you as an individual. I want to love you through good fortune and adversity, while we both shall live.

A Short Affirmation Vow

I affirm my love for you Annette as I invite you to share my life. I promise always to respect your needs and individuality. I will endeavour through kindness, unselfishness and trust to achieve a warm rich life we will now share. And now I ask everyone here today to witness that I Rodger Davidson take you Annette Puccini as my lawful wedded wife.

A Beautiful Heartfelt Vow

I ask everyone here today to witness that I Benjamin Moffet take you Tania Gionanni as my lawful wedded wife. In doing so I vow to do my utmost to make our lives together a true partnership. I commit to being motivated in our marriage and I will observe and act on your needs. I vow to care for your well being and show my love in all I do throughout our lives together. I will endeavour to comfort you and enrich you with my love. I will show you I can be an equal partner and with my support build a stable foundation for our lives together.

A great way to create your vows is by drafting up love letters to each other. You can then select components you would like to share in your ceremony. Here is a great example.

Love Letter Wedding Vow

Sarah, I choose you above all others, to share my life with me in marriage. I promise to love and cherish you always, forever increasing over the passage of time. I promise to stand by you in all things and provide for your warmth, tenderness, understanding and protection. I promise to nurture a home environment filled with love, light and laughter. I promise to speak to you lovingly, with an open heart and to always honour the divine within you, your heart, your body and your spirit. I promise to fully appreciate your presence in my life and to accept you fully as you are. I promise to support and encourage you in the fulfilment of your hopes, your dreams, your life purpose, your highest good. This is my pledge and my commitment to you and our life together as husband and wife for all the days we shall live. And now I ask everyone here today to witness that I Jonathan Alexander Smith take you Sarah Marie Taylor as my lawful wedded wife.