Legal requirements after the wedding

Changing your name

In Australia you don’t need to legally change your name as a result of your marriage. This is done as a matter of custom and is not a legal requirement. You can continue to use your maiden name, or you can change it to your spouse’s surname or you can use a combination, hyphenated surname.

If you do choose to take on your spouse’s surname a Standard Marriage Certificate is usually sufficient evidence to have personal documentation, such as your driver’s licence and passport changed to your married surname.  It is important to note that drivers licence and passports offices will not accept the Certificate of Marriage issued by a marriage celebrant on the day of the marriage, as it does not contain security features and can be easily reproduced. It also does not contain the full details of the parties to the marriage such as parents’ names and dates of birth. You will need to contact your local registry office of births, deaths and marriages.

If you elect to change your name, the organisations you may wish to advise are:

  1. Banks
  2. Credit Cards
  3. Superannuation Funds
  4. The Electoral Roll
  5. Insurance Policies
  6. Medicare
  7. Private Health Funds 
  8. Drivers Licence and Registration
  9. ATO
  10. Passport
  11. Other places that your hold memberships etc.

A simple way to handle this is to obtain a Name Change Kit.

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