Relationship Counselling

Happily Before and Ever After

As part of my duties as a civil celebrant and also according to the code of practice it is important for me provide information on relationship services that are available to you before and after your marriage.

There are several issues you need to consider individually and as a couple before making the decision to get married. Most importantly, what do commitment and marriage mean to you both. Other issues to consider and discuss with your partner may include:

  • What are our expectations of marriage?
  • What will be different once we get married? 
  • What do we each bring to the relationship? 
  • How will we manage our finances? 
  • Do we want to have children? 
  • Do we have similar values and beliefs? 
  • If we have differences, are we able to work through them together? A

A number of organisations offer couples pre-marriage education programs where participants are invited to learn about themselves and their partners.

A list of these agencies can be found at:

Some other services you may want to consider investigating before you marry are: